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Res Ipsa

Kilim Stockton Loafer

A few years ago, tired of their daily grind and inspired by a street market in Istanbul, something clicked for these two lawyers from Atlanta. The resulting brand, Res Ipsa (from the Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur meaning, “the thing speaks for itself"), started taking shape with a small production run of loafers made from vintage Kilim rugs found at the bazaar.

We're always fans of pushing the envelope a bit with footwear, so we jumped at the chance to make a kilim loafer from our own private selection rug. That means we were able to find a kilim rug in good enough shape for more than one pair of loafers and make a full size run to achieve a consistent looks between sizes. Something we have not been able to do before!

These kilim loafers will look as good with shorts as it does with a pair of beat up jeans or chinos. The shape is great, and well-balanced, offering something sleek, but not overly so. The all wool kilim will age beautifully and the leather piping helps to keep things elegant, but never stuffy. Did we mention how comfortable these are? You might mistake them for your house slippers if you're not too careful. If your footwear are feeling a little stale, you can't go wrong with these loafers to separate yourself from the herd.

Res Ipsa shoes run true to size and come in whole sizes only. If in-between, we recommend sizing down 1/2 size.

100% Wool Kilim
  • Glove Leather Lined
  • Leather Sole
  • Stacked Leather Heel with Rubber Cap

Made in Turkey

Style No. KILIM

$ 245