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Merz b. Schwanen

Blue Ink Cotton Henley Shirt

Founded in 1911 by Balthazar Merz, this family-owned company operated from nearly 100 years before closing its doors in 2008. Not long after, a vintage hunter and clothing designer named Peter Plotnicki came across an original Merz b. Schwanen creation at a flea market. Through research after coming across this piece, Mr. Plotnicki discovered a textile factory in the Swabian Alps that had in it's possession a number of unused circular knitting machines, some of the last in existence, from the 1920s-1960s.

Poised to resurrect this venerable knitwear company, his first collection came to fruition just in time for the 100th anniversary in 2011. Each garment is 100% made in Germany, from the textiles to the woven labels and production. With the backing of the original family, Merz b. Schwanen has transformed from one of Germany's best kept secrets into one of the only remaining circular knitting brands in the world and we're thrilled to bring it to our clients.

Often when an old, storied company is resurrected the new era seems to have little in common with the previous company, such is not the case with Merz b. Schwanen. While many pieces are designed from actual vintage samples (tweaked here or there), each reinterpretation is created in respect to the rich heritage of the brand. We like how this henley harkens back to the "golden age" of clothing, with it's lack of side seams and woven V inserts at the underarm gussets. This circular knit jersey cloth is unbeatable and only gets better with wear. It will take just about anything you throw it's way, passing each wardrobe test with flying colors.

Tailored Fit - Cut on the trimmer side, we recommend sizing up if a more traditional fit is desired.

100% cotton

Circular Knit

Ribbed cuffs

Open bottom

Genuine MOP buttons

Made in Germany

Style No. 206-66

$ 115