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H. Stockton

Steel War Penny Cufflinks

We love to separate ourselves from the herd. Whether it is in the form of a unique sport coat cloth, a super fine dress shirt or wonderful piece of neckwear, we know that it is all in the details. One of those details is cufflinks. Our cufflinks are some of the most special pieces of jewelry a man can own. These steel war penny cufflinks are covered in a clear, hard epoxy and mounted onto silver-plated backings. Coming from the days when copper was in high demand, the steel penny was stamped in its place. Perfect as a gift, cufflinks are an item most men will hold onto for the rest of their lives. Plus, it is the perfect way to add some personality to your "all business" look so that once you seal the big deal, you can show them off with a smile.


  • Plastic Enamel
  • Silver Plated

Made in USA

Style No. 4007

$ 85