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H. Stockton

Forest Shantung Silk Tie

We couldn't be more thrilled to present our newest program of private label ties. Working with one of the most revered silk weavers in the world, Vanners, these fabrics are woven to our specifications. Each piece is then meticulously crafted in Brooklyn, NY. We think they're one of the best values that can be found in neckwear.

Raw silk shantung has become one of our favorites over the years. The uneven surface texture is eye catching up-close, but understated from a distance. The vibe is cool, casual and easy. It can make a suit feel less stiff or a sportcoat feel a tad more formal. We could probably wear a shantung tie every day. The fabric itself is hard-wearing and easy to care for (springing back into place when the you take it off).

If you've ever wanted that perfect tie for just about any occasion, we just made it for you.

59" x 3.15"

Made in USA

$ 95