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Alden for H. Stockton

Tobacco Reverse Chamois Captoe Boot

Alden has arguably become the world’s most known maker of fine shoes. Their long lineage, filled with numerous design innovations, forms much of the basis for American footwear. We're excited to unveil our special makeups for the season!

When building our collection for this Fall/Winter we had versatility, practicality and specialty on our minds. May we present the embodiment of all three of those concepts, our Plaza-last captoe boot in Horween Reverse Chamois. The leather, while reminiscent of suede, is uniquely water resistant/repellant right out of the box, needing little upkeep over time other than the occasional brushing. Mixed with Alden's in-house commando sole, they're the perfect boot for the wet weather that's coming down the line. We love the way they pair with a Steep twill or canvas trouser and a Shetland sweater, while also looking right at home with a flannel, tweed or corduroy suit (the last look is HIGHLY recommended). The Plaza last gives these a bit more distinctive shape while the speedhooks and pull-tab offer functionality not often found on "dress" boots. 

This is the type of boot we want to wear every day once the weather turns and we know once you slip these on, you will too.

The Plaza last runs true to size We recommend taking your typical dress shoe size. (E.g. - US 9 = US 9)

Plaza Last

Horween Reverse Chamois leather

Commando Sole

Hooks, eyes and pull-tab

Made in USA

$ 595