What's In A Made to Measure Garment?

-We get that question a lot but it is one we love to answer because it is more than cloth and thread.


Above Standard

When taking the step to a made to measure piece of clothing, you're entering a world of personalization not only in style, but also in fit.

A series of measurements taken by us are then used to modify a standard garment pattern to become exclusively your own. Whether you have one arm longer than the other, a prominent chest or round back, a made to measure garment takes all of those factors into consideration to provide you with the best fit.

Then, your pattern is kept on file for when you're ready to get another piece of clothing made. No guess work, no remeasuring. Your selected maker will cut the newly commissioned garment to fit just like your previous.

Among the hundreds of patterns on file, yours too will be hanging and waiting for your next call to action.


Decades of Expertise

All of our clothing-makers processes involve a level of hand sewing. From inserting sleeve heads, attaching collars or stitching the canvas, you can rest easy knowing that a professional craftsman or woman is putting their trade to work for you.

What's the benefit of this level of hand work? -Simple, a machine stitch does not have the delicate stitch like a human hand stitch to connect two pieces of super fine wool together. That knowledge and skill takes years to acquire. Over the time that you wear a hand-stitched garment, you will notice how well it shapes to your body and gives in all the right places.

Hand sewing is one of the many benefits of having a garment made especially for you. The attention to detail is unmatched.

Master Tailors

Thought you had to go to Savile Row to find a Master Tailor, right? Well, your made to measure suit will pass through the hands of at least one Master Tailor on the way to your closet.

Clothing cut by hand is one way a Master Tailor will be in contact with your suit, sport coat or trouser. For example, at Oxxford Clothing in Chicago, Illinois, their Master Tailor has been hand cutting suits for 50 years. All that time he has been using the same pair of shears he purchased the day he got the job. Since then, he has never let them go dull.

Joel hearing the story of the shears. That single pair of shears has hand cut hundreds of suits, sport coats and trousers.

Is your garment from one of our other clothing makers? -We have Master Tailors for those, too. H. Stockton Master Tailors will be putting the finishing touches on your clothing just a few feet away from where you first look at it in the mirror.

Mr. Le, the Master Tailor at our Midtown store, puts the final touches on this sport coat.

Once you wear your Made to Measure clothing, it's hard to go back to anything else. You become a part of a special club that knows the luxurious cloth, precise fit, and many hours of handwork making your garment are special and unique.

Visit us in any of our four stores or give us a call to set up an appointment to find the right maker for you.



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