The Swiss Army Suit

The all purpose, good for anything, handy Swiss Army Knife. We have all had at least one in our life. Heck, some of you reading right now might have one in your pocket, desk drawer, or car cup holder. Have you ever sat back for a moment and thought; Why? -It's because it is a security blanket for us. It can handle a variety of situations, planned or unplanned and will never fail to perform.

Well, that same principal can be applied to a piece of clothing, believe it or not.

Coming to us from our maker in Montreal, Canada, is our Swiss Army Suit. This just-the-right-color blue in a subtle nailhead pattern woven in a super 120's wool is an ideal go-to garment for whatever task is at hand.

Much like the Swiss Army Knife, this suit can be used in a variety of ways. We like the versatility as a suit for weddings and business meetings, a blazer for special evenings or the office and an easy to wear pair of trousers for casual Friday, travel or the country club.

Continue reading below to see how you can use the Swiss Army Suit in 3 ways. The best part? -This suit, sold as separates, is under $900.

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Worn as a Suit

Let's face it, life can be filled with unexpected events. If one of those events requires a suit you know you'll be well prepared. The Swiss Army Suit isn't like other suits you'll see out there. It's woven in a Super 120's wool, meaning it is the perfect weight for year-round wear so you'll never feel too hot or look too wrinkled. The color is a just right blue, not traditional navy, so you'll look modern and fresh.

Our Recommendation: Keep it simple with a white shirt, small pattern or striped tie and white linen pocket square. But, if you're wanting to pattern mix, just treat the suit as a solid and it can handle most anything you pair with it.



Worn as a Blazer

One reason why we love the Swiss Army Suit is that it takes care of two needs in one piece of clothing. One of those pieces being the all purpose suit. The second being a navy or blue blazer. The blazer is your most trustworthy friend in your closet. It is always ready to go when you need to impress for a night out on the town and it is easy and versatile to pack for travel. Most importantly, it goes with everything!

Our Recommendation: Wear it with anything and everything. -Except Navy trousers other than the matching suit trouser! Pictured below is the most common way we see blazers being worn; Open collar sport shirt, cotton trousers and a casual belt. Substitute in polo shirts, grey or tan dress trousers, even a tee shirt. You'll find it hard to find clothing that won't work with your blazer.

Worn as a Trouser

Whenever we get asked if a client looks overdressed, we always reply with "better to be overdressed than underdressed". One way to assure that you'll always be overdressed, even on casual Friday or a day spent at the country club, is the trouser from your Swiss Army Suit. Being a blue trouser, it does not require a lot of thought on what to pair them with, and we like that. Blue oxford? Sure. Green check? Sure. Red stripe? Sure. How about a polo shirt? Excellent.

Our Recommendation: These trousers can and should be treated like the blazer of bottoms. What we mean by that is you should reach for these for almost any occasion, any season. We have had clients golf in their Swiss Army Trousers on the weekend then wear them to the office the following week with a patterned sport coat, then travel to an out of town meeting in a polo shirt, as you see here. Like we said, they can do anything!

Your Size, Your Color, Your Suit

The Swiss Army Suit is available in stores from sizes 38 Short to 46 Long. We can also order any sizes up to 54 Long! Plus, we can mix and match the coat and trouser size to find the perfect fit for you before we have one of our master tailors put the final touches on.

Need a color other than blue? We can order 6 other variations in the same exact Swiss Army Suit including grey, black, navy from our Canadian maker.

We could talk about the Swiss Army Suit for days with all the benefits it has to your wardrobe. Still have questions? We would be glad to help. Stop by any of our 4 stores to see the Swiss Army suit in person. Or, shoot us an email here to get the answers you're looking for.