Our Dress Trousers: Are you Regular or Contemporary Fit?


There is no right or wrong decision, just personal preference of fit. Our H. Stockton, Canadian made, dress trousers are available in two different fits to compliment different likes & types of men. Let's dive a little deeper into the two different fits, Regular & Contemporary, and help you understand which fit is best for you and why.

Regular Fit


(Our Regular Fit trouser worn with a slight break)

We are starting here with our Regular Fit because it is the foundation of our company and a large part of our history. Generally speaking, our Regular Fit trouser features a standard, regular rise (measurements below) with plenty of seat & thigh room and a traditional leg opening at the bottom of the trouser. The Regular Fit trousers have excellent drape and hang clean from the waist of the wearer straight down to the shoe. The Regular Fit creates a well balanced silhouette when worn with a sport coat but can also perform and look excellent with a sport shirt or polo shirt.

(Note the standard rise of our Regular Fit trousers)

Our tailors will finish the bottoms with either a cuff or a plain bottom and can adjust the length anywhere from a full break(long) to no break(short) with most men opting for a medium break. Additionally, we recommend cuffs on almost every trouser besides chinos or 5-pockets. The best way to describe our Regular Fit? -Classic, timeless and just the way Ham likes them.

(A nice slight break on a pair of Regular Fit trousers)

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Measurements for Regular Fit (Based on size 36)
Rise - 11 1/4"
Knee - 20"
Leg Opening -17"


Contemporary Fit


(Our Contemporary Fit trouser worn with no break)

First and foremost, they're not slim or skinny, they're just right. If our Regular Fit trouser is the foundation of H. Stockton, our Contemporary Fit is looking to the future without forgetting the past.

In comparison to the Regular Fit, the Contemporary Fit features a slightly lower rise to sit just below the wearers natural waist. In addition to the rise, the seat & thigh fullness found on the Regular Fit are cleaned up to reduce excess of fabric hanging off of the wearer. Then, the leg is lightly tapered down to a contemporary gentleman's leg opening (See measurements below).

(A slightly shorter, but still proper rise, on the Contemporary Fit)

As stated before, a cuff is always recommended but with a narrower leg opening, we do see plain bottoms more frequently on Contemporary Fit trousers. Similarly, on a trouser with a more narrow bottom, it is best to have a medium to slight break to keep the leg shape well balanced from top to bottom.

(Cuffs with no break, Ham approved)

To summarize, our Contemporary Fit trousers could be the update to your closet you were looking for without being who you are not.

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Measurements for Contemporary Fit (Based on size 36)
Rise - 10 1/4"
Knee - 19"
Leg Opening -16"


These fit descriptions apply to our H. Stockton dress trousers but they can also be used to help generally understand the fit of other styles such as our Casual Trousers and makers we stock such as Zanella, Trussini, Hiltl, Bills Khakis, Levi's and more.

(A side by side comparison, L: Regular Fit, R: Contemporary Fit)

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