Made to Measure Q&A with Ashton

You might know Ashton from our Lenox store here in Atlanta or by this video celebrating his 30 years with the company.

This season, with the start of our Spring Made to Measure Event, we decided to shadow one of H. Stockton's most stylish, knowledgeable and friendly associates to pick his brain about MTM.

Read more below to get Ashton's thoughts on why his clients like MTM, why he wears MTM and memorable garments made over the years.

H. Stockton: Ashton, there is a lot of clothing options out in the world and also hanging on these racks around us. What makes MTM so special?

Ashton: A MTM garment is an opportunity. It avails the wearer a suit, jacket or trouser unlike any other. To have something that is truly his own is a rare achievement in today's world.

H: There's nothing like having something of your own. With that said, is MTM accessible to everyone? We often hear it can be intimidating.

A: Customers who have never enjoyed MTM are often surprised at the pricing and delivery time of their garment. There are many fabric ranges available at or near off the rack prices and, more often than not, arrive in less than one month. A MTM garment can be for anyone from the frequency of the workweek or the once in a lifetime wedding.

H: We get the vibe that your a big fan of MTM, why do you recommend it to your customers?

A: Clients often check off one of these boxes that is a reason to suggest MTM as an option:

1) They might have fit issues with off the rack garments that can be addressed via the MTM process.

2) If the customer frequently wears tailored clothing their taste has often times developed and they are looking for something a bit more special to coordinate with their wardrobe.

Lastly, 3) Style. Want a double reverse pleat trouser? MTM. Want a 3 roll to 2 button coat? MTM. Want a ticket pocket, half lined, peak lapel tuxedo? MTM!

With MTM we can offer a fit designed to flatter any physique, a field of over a thousand fabrics and a panoply of stylistic details to create and individual piece.

H: Wow, that is incredible! Are these some of the same reasons that you wear MTM?

A: At 6' 4", I am just beyond the reach of off the rack clothing. So for me, it was a fit accommodation. And when the world of fabric selection opened up for me, I was hooked. I have rarely bought an off the rack garment since my first MTM in 1990.

H: With 30 years of experience under your belt (or braces), what is your most memorable MTM experience?

A: A long retired landscape architect desired a cashmere sport coat for social events. We spent over an hour looking through the swatches, eventually landing upon a perfect Glenurquhart plaid with accents of "cyclamen, allium and cleodendrum". I had no idea what any of these were! He instructed me to look them up. When the jacket arrived and he came back for his fitting, I had written the scientific names of each plant down to recite to him. He was mildly amused, but more importantly he loved the jacket and it fit beautifully.

H: How fun! What that your favorite garment you ever made for someone? Or, do you have another story for us?

A: Oh I have plenty! I made a suit for a gentlemen's wedding day. Having never had a suit made, he had explored custom programs at several other shops came away disappointed. A friend of his recommended H. Stockton, so he gave us a look and I was lucky enough to help. He was impressed with the number of makers we offer and the various styles and fabrics. His specificity about the color of the suit he wanted struck me. -He loved his fiancee's eyes and wanted virtually the same blue color. I was able to accommodate his every specification from the lining to honor his alma mater to the watch pocket in the trouser to carry his late grandfather's Elgin.

When the suit arrived, he came in that very day to see it. The look of satisfaction on his face as he saw the realization of his meticulous planning and our meticulous execution was worth it to me. I will never forget that smile!

H: Ashton, thank you so much for your insight into MTM. We love it even more now than before asking these questions.

A: You are very welcome!

For more information about our MTM makers and their in store events, click here, shoot us an email or give us a call.

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